Other supplementary information

EUR 1000

2014 2013
Other contingent liabilities


Total amount 0 323

Outstanding 0 81
Undisbursed commitments

Contractual commitments 146,100 96,900
Special risk finance (cumulative)

Decisions of the Board of Directors 50,204 47,505

Government's indemnity 25,129 23,695

Government's indemnity, % 50% 50%

Disbursements 18,614 723

The company acts as a lender in financial arrangements amounting to USD 39.0 million. For USD 36.8 million the risks have been contractually transferred to other financial institutions.

According to the rental agreement signed on 16 March 2007 Finnfund's share of the renovation costs is about EUR 37.500.
Customer's funds under management

As of 31 December 2014 there were EUR 766,146.42 of government's funds in the company's possession. The company manages government's funds according to the agreement with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the implementation of the Finnpartnership business partnership programme.
Receivables, liabilities and transactions with related parties

There has been no related party transactions which come under the disclosure obligation during the financial year.
Exchange rates EUR/USD 1.2141

31 December 2014 EUR/CVE 108.3099

Finnish Fund for Industrial  
Cooperation Ltd. (FINNFUND)

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