Promoting corporate responsibility in
developing countries

Miro Africa

Finnfund’s mission is to generate positive development impacts in the target countries. Finnfund follows responsible practices in its own operations and expects high standards also from its clients and partners. Responsibility of the economic, social and environmental development including transparent corporate governance are important factors in our decision-making.

Prior to investment decisions, Finnfund assesses anticipated development impacts. Information on realized developmental impacts is gathered annually from investee companies.

Finnfund’s corporate social responsibility report is published on the Annual Report -website and it can be downloaded also as a pdf-file (generated from the website).

”Responsibility is more that just minimizing harmful side-effects. Finnfund financing promotes development and strengthens accountability to stakeholders.”

- Tapio Wallenius, Senior Adviser




Photo: Miro Forestry Company and Finnfund


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