Jobs, know-how and training with Finnpartnership's support 

In 2014 the demand for Finnpartnership’s services was stable. Finnpartnership received 121 new applications and granted Business Partnership Support for 90 projects, to the total sum of EUR 4.3 million. More detailed information can be found in the Board of Directors’ Report.

Of the recipients of Business Partnership Support in 2010, 65 companies who received a total of EUR 1.25 million, have submitted their final follow-up reports. One-third of them said operations were continuing well, whereas one-fourth of the companies said the project was still at the planning stage. The companies have invested about EUR 20 million in their target countries, which is around sixteen times the amount of support reimbursed.

The companies provide work for about 860 people. 620 persons are directly employed and 29 per cent of these are women. 60 per cent of the projects reported development impacts related to the transfer of know-how and technology. The aim of training included in the projects is to develop human capital in the working population of the target country. Personnel were trained in half of the projects.

New partners and business opportunities

Finnpartnership received 222 matchmaking requests from companies operating in developing countries. During the year 80 applications have been registered with the matchmaking data base. In a follow-up survey about 38 per cent of the companies registered with the matchmaking service stated that there has already been at least communication between Finnish companies and companies in developing countries.

Examples of projects supported by Finnpartnership

Bangladesh subcontracting textiles
Botswana IT services
Chile information security appliances
China financial services, wafers, subcontracting office furniture, educational services, health care, transport and logistics, assembly of hydraulic units
Colombia packaging materials, IT services
Ecuador franchising in jewelry
Ethiopia consulting services on environment and climate matters
Ghana establishing a bioenergy factory
India components for microelectronics, particle counter meters, mobile services
Kenya import of clothes and handicrafts
Mexico maintenance services for cathode plates
Mongolia training for staff
Nepal training for staff
Peru import of jewelry, import of fish products
Rwanda import of handicrafts
Thailand improvement of refuse disposal plant, software development
Turkey import of home textiles
Uganda recycling of electronics
Vietnam educational services, software/IT services


Amount of approved business partnership projects in 2014 (%)

Least developed countries 12
Other low-income countries 16
Upper-middle-income countries 31
Lower-middle-income countries 41

Business Partnership Support granted in 2014 in euros (%)

Other low-income countries 17
Least developed countries 17
Upper-middle-income countries 28
Lower-middle-income countries 39





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