Haaga-Helia makes headway in education exports

TanzaniaHaaga-Helia is increasing its education exports to developing countries. Finnpartnership has provided the institution with important support in mapping new markets and identifying partners.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was among the first higher education institutions in Finland to explore international growth opportunities for education and training services. Its first steps were the sale of a teacher training package to Sweden and Saudi Arabia in 2008.

Developing countries will play a key role in the coming years when institutions seek growth abroad. Finnpartnership's business partnership support has provided decisive support in mapping the education markets and identifying potential partners.

Haaga-Helia has utilised Finnpartnership's business partnership support in Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru and Botswana. Haaga-Helia will launch a study programme in hospitality at Disted College in Penang, Malaysia. It continues to explore the markets in Vietnam and Peru to identify collaboration opportunities with local institutions. In Botswana the government commissioned Haaga-Helia to produce a training package for 60 vocational teachers. Haaga-Helia has also made inroads in South Africa, where it has reached a deal with the Tshwane University of Technology in the capital city of Pretoria on a training package for 32 vocational teachers.

Haaga-Helia has benefited greatly from the Team Finland networks and export promotion trips. Organisations can join business delegations which are headed by ministers or high officials and offer opportunities for making contact with local ministries and potential partners.

Haaga-Helia sells its services to ministries, higher education institutions and other education providers both public and private. The new act on the tuition fees for non-EU foreign students also creates new opportunities for the consumer market. Finnish operators should promote Finnish expertise in the education sector.

Growth programme Education Export Finland EEF (previously Future Learning Finland) was launched in 2015 to bring together Finnish companies in the education sector. It promotes the growth of Finnish education service business on the international market.