Jobs, know-how and training with Finnpartnership's support 

In 2015 the demand for Finnpartnership’s services increased tremendously. Finnpartnership received 191 new applications and granted Business Partnership Support for 167 projects, to the total sum of EUR 7.4 million. More detailed information can be found in the Board of Directors’ Report.

Of the recipients in 2011 of Business Partnership Support in 74 companies, who received a total of EUR 1.5 million, have submitted their final follow-up reports. Of the companies 40 per cent said the operations were continuing well, whereas 8 per cent of the companies said the project was still at the planning stage. The companies have invested EUR 20.3 million in their target countries, which is around sixteen times the amount of support reimbursed.

The companies provide work for about 2 000 people. 636 persons are directly employed and 36 per cent of these are women. 38 per cent of the projects reported development impacts related to the transfer of know-how and technology. Personnel were trained in half of the projects.


New partners and business opportunities

In 2015 Finnpartnership received 364 matchmaking requests from companies operating in developing countries. During the year 161 applications have been registered with the matchmaking data base and 82 one-to-one assignments have been made. Of these 72 companies (38 per cent) informed that there has been at least communication between Finnish companies and companies in developing countries.


Examples of projects supported by Finnpartnership

Afghanistan subcontracting security services
Algeria assembly of sewage treatment plant equipment
Bolivia sale of renewable energy solutions
Brazil services and processing solutions for biomass plants
Chile rubber and plastic products for mining industry
Costa Rica management training
Egypt design, sales, installation and service for air purification equipment and clean rooms
Eritrea licensing training services in developing countries
Ethiopia coffee roasting plant and exporting organic coffee to Europe
Philippines waste-to-energy treatment plants
Gambia sawmill plant
Ghana install and service of eco toilets in India, Ghana and Kenya
Indonesia license training services
India testing and laboratory services
Iraq manufacturing, distribution, installation and maintenance of institutional kitchens and catering equipment
Iran online health care services
Jordan license technology for recruitment and personnel development
Kazakhstan artificial grass export to Finland
Kenya license films and other media content online distribution
Cuba map communications solutions
Namibia export of silk products
Nigeria sale and maintenance of solar powered devices
Myanmar Maritime College
Pakistan solar power plant
Somalia develop and operate infrastructure projects
South-Africa biogas plants
Uganda tourism
Vietnam exports of Aloe Vera drinks to Finland
Zimbabwe sale, production of spare parts, training and maintenance services



Amount of approved business partnership projects in 2015 (%)

Other low-income countries 5
Least developed countries 28
Upper-middle-income countries 31
Lower-middle-income countries 37

Business Partnership Support granted in 2015 in euros (%)

Other low-income countries 5
Least developed countries 25
Upper-middle-income countries 32
Lower-middle-income countries 39





Professional teachers for developing countries

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was among the first higher education institutions in Finland to explore international export opportunities for education and training services. 

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Textile waste into new products

Pure Waste Textiles is creating a production model in India to turn textile waste into new products. Currently, only about fifteen per cent of the world's textile waste is reused.

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